Mplus CLEAR LENS SURGERY – for people who need glasses for distance and reading.

– (from a doctor) I thought you would like to know that I have just finished my clinic at the hospital where I read, wrote, examined, did phlebotomy, microscopy, venesection, machine gazing … ALL WITHOUT GLASSES.
I just can’t thank you enough.



Here are some of the comments for patients who have undergone surface laser treatment. Let me know if any of them were helpful…

– I had a brilliant experience using Moorfields eye hospital. From start to finish it felt so simple and I was made to feel at ease throughout the whole process. The procedure was unbelievably quick and Dr Ionides and the nurses made me feel very comfortable! I would definitely recommend Moorfields for this life-changing procedure, the service was second to none.

– The procedure itself wasn’t painful, so much as uncomfortable but it was over so quickly that you don’t mind. Within minutes of leaving the hospital, I could already read licence plates on cars that I could never do before! It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and my eyes were back to feeling normal within three days.”

– The procedure itself was extremely quick and went much much easier than I had expected. Completely no pain. A thrilling feeling right after the procedure of getting your glasses in hand (not wearing) and walking out by myself without wearing any glasses or contacts was absolutely unforgettable.

-Yes it was painful for a couple of days. But it was far less painful than I had expected. I had drops that I could use to ease the pain that I could use if it was too uncomfortable. But actually it was completely fine without them. And they are still unopened.

– Third day after surgery there was no pain at all. My vision was still blurry, but it was already better then before the surgery.I could see shoes I am wearing and the path that my dog walks on. Which is absolutely amazing.

-I am still in the first few weeks after my surgery and as Dr Ionides rightly informed me before the procedure one day is different than the other. Sometimes I feel like my vision is perfect and the next day I feel like it is still not there yet. I know that I will need to wait 3-4 months until after my surgery for my vision to be perfect. But this procedure has already had so much of a positive impact on my overall perception of my surroundings that I could never have imagined. I think that only people who have been wearing glasses since childhood and have this treatment can really get this feeling.

– It’s fair to say that I’m very pleased by the end result. The actual surgery was far worse in expectation that reality, I didn’t use the supplied pain killers once post surgery, and finally was back to work in 2 weeks as normal. Vision is now slightly better than 20:20, and I recommend the process thoroughly. On one point – the ‘flap’ technique rather than the alternate process I went through – again, I can only say very happy with the result and with vision at or near that provided by my previous contact lenses after c.2 weeks, it suited me fine in terms of recovery time.

– All round I am very happy with it. I was nervous on the day, but in fact the procedure was incredible quick (literally minutes) and totally painless. Mr Ionides had stressed that the first few days of recovery were painful, so I had steeled myself for that and actually found it wasn’t as bad as I expected. You have a lot of drops including an anaesthetic drop, so you don’t have any real pain per se. I would call it more discomfort – your eyes feel the way they do when you are very tired and have been somewhere smokey. You just want to close them a lot, although you can see surprisingly well when you do open them. I just chilled out for a few days, listened to audio books, let my partner do the cooking etc. You can’t really use the computer or read because it is a bit blurry and as I said, you like to close your eyes. The most painful part I found was putting in some of the drops, which sting a little, but this passes in seconds. Despite Mr Ionides saying I wouldn’t be able to go outside for 4 days or so (because your eyes are light sensitive), I actually found I was able to go for a short walk most days, with sunglasses on. After the check up with Mr Ionides the following Monday, I took the rest of that week off work and was glad I did because although I felt pretty good, looking at the computer for more than 30 mins-1 hour was a strain. After that week I could get back to normal really. Although my vision was still not perfect, I could see it improving day to day until now it is about 20/20. I’m delighted with the result and can see better than I could with my glasses on, plus no hassle with lenses and glasses. There was no need for a repeat treatment and no side-effects. Apparently it is common for your eyes to be a bit dry in the mornings but my eyes feel the same as they used to in the morning, and I am not using any drops now, not even the tear ones. I was doing everything normally a month later, riding my bike, etc. So, yes, I would definitely recommend it.

– The surgery itself is fairly swift. Your eyes are kept open with some sort of clips, there is no discomfort and these are in place to ensure you don’t blink during the procedure. Your eyes are anaesthetized before the procedure commences. The epithelium is removed (quite a strange thing to see happening but no pain and no discomfort) before the laser identifies your eyes, presumably from the results taken from your original consultation, and corrects your vision. Again, quite a strange feeling, quite crackly, some say they can smell burning rubber, for me this was minimal. The eyes are washed thoroughly before the procedure finishes, a protective contact lense is fitted over the cornea which needs to be removed 4-5 days post surgery. The whole procedure takes around 2-3 minutes each eye, and is very professionally executed. Each step is counted so you know when it starts and finishes which I know I found comforting.

Vision post surgery is functional. You could definitely find your own way home in a cab, but not public transport. It is great if you can have someone with you. I noticed straight away that my up close vision had changed, this meant reading the directions for the after care drops was challenging! Drops needs to be administered every hour, some every 15 minutes, some every two hours so you need a good system in place. I set alarms on my phone in case I dosed off. As expected, the pain started to hit once the anaesthetic drops from surgery wore off. However the night of Day 0 was definitely not the worst for me, sleeping in those ridiculous goggles certainly didn’t help!

The pain during Thurs (Day 1), Fri (Day 2), Sat (Day 3) and Sun (Day 4) can only be described as having a dozen onions squeezed into your eyes. This was due, as explained earlier, to the epithelium growing back which takes approx 3-4 days. The oral drugs provided by the hospital didn’t get near my pain, but a friend who has been through it said they did work for her. The only thing to help me was the anaesthetic eye drops – these allowed me to get 2-3 hours of sleep at a time, before the pain would wake me. Again – a friend did not suffer this, her oral painkillers were enough. Unfortunately, when I went to see the surgeon on Monday to have the protective contact lense taken out, I was still in pain. This was due to the epithelium not grown back fully – due to my overuse of the anaesthetic drops which retard the healing process. So another day was spent in pain. However, overnight the epithelium must have had a growth spurt as when I woke Tues morning (Day 6) I had no pain at all. My vision still wasn’t crystal clear yet, especially in my left eye, but I was ecstatic about being pain free. Please note that this isn’t the usual timeframe, you should in theory be pain free by Day 4. Over the coming weeks my eyes continued to improve, although the left eye still underperforming. I would have been fit for work around Day 8/9. At my 3 week consultation, we found it was due to astigmatism. At my 5 week consultation, this had reduced significantly, and I was 20/20 in both eyes, if not better.